Certification Class

Contact Jennifer Dudley at jenndudley.ca@gmail.com 
  1. Attendance at each educational session is mandatory, and is taken several times a day. The course is given only once a year and is not cancelled due to inclement weather. Any missed classes will need to be made up the following year. 
  2. Once you receive the letter of enrollment from Jennifer Dudley, Treasurer, you will need to apply for your temporary license from the State of Maine as soon as possible. An application for licensure is in your CA packet. Follow the directions in the application. You will need to send in a copy of your High School diploma when sending in the application for your temporary license. You may wish to copy the application for temporary licensure, as you will need to use it again when you apply for a permanent license. Once you have received your temporary license you can begin logging your 100 hours, please mail a copy of your temporary license to Rachel Soucy. 
The mailing address is: 6 Mitchell Street, Sanford, ME 04073
  1. Display the temporary license so that it is visible by everyone. 
  2. Please adhere to the checklist. Check off each item when completed. 
vv Clinical Hours: Begin logging hours upon receipt of your temporary license.
vv Keep your completed log sheets until you have completed the course and passed both examinations.
vv Send the ORIGINAL log sheets to: Jennifer Dudley
The mailing address is: 6 Mitchell Street, Sanford, ME 04073
Photocopies of log sheets will not be accepted, keep a copy for your personal file. Send a copy of your temporary license and the original log sheets.
  1. To qualify for the C.A. Certification, it is necessary to be present at all of the educational sessions, pass both examinations and submit your ORIGINAL clinical logs for verification as to having met the clinical requirements Jennifer Dudley will then provide you with a letter documenting your successful completion of the course and examinations. At this time, you will be eligible to apply for your permanent license. Please refer to the Application for Licensure for the necessary steps to obtain your permanent license. It is your responsibility to send your clinical logs to Jennifer Dudley at least 6 months prior to the expiration date of your temporary license. 
  2. All CA’s taking the Certification Class this year will be honored at the Fall Seminar held at the Wyndham Hotel in South Portland, ME. Please let us know if you will be attending. 
Temporary Chiropractic Assistant Licence clink link below