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I have a team event for ALS walk in August. Please help me make this a success by signing up with me. The link is also in the events. I am working on several other events to either participate in or be a vendor for throughout the state. If you have an event or fundraiser you want us to participate in please let me know so I can get a team together.
Don't forget we have designed awesome shirts to wear at these events. We want to participate as a team and look like one big amazing association!!! Go on the FACEBOOK page and you will find the link and put your order in before May 1 so we can get the best price. I need 20 of each shirt to keep the current price. LET'S DO THIS!!!
T-SHIRTS FOR SALE $20.00  Contact Kathy Dirago at 207-357-3755 or email at kdirago@hotmail.com to place an order (ignore the taking orders until june on the picture)
Kathy Dirago, President
Rachel Soucy, Vice President
Lisa Woods, Secretary
Caroline Christianson, Treasurer