Steps to Follow to Become a Licensed Chiropractic Assistant
1.  First, you will need to contact Jennifer Dudley, Clinical Class Coordinator at 207-651-4928 or
2.  She will email you a packet which contains 4 pages of information, including a letter and a registration form.
3.  Print off the Temporary License Application for Chiropractic Assistants at
4.  Fill out the application and provide the information requested as well as the letter from me which is page 3 of the packet.
5.  Send your temporary application with the letter to the State of Maine with the required application fee.
6.  Once your application is showing as pending on the website or you have your temporary license you may start logging your hours and treating patients. 
7.  Send in your registration form for the class with the payment required.
8.  Attend the class.
If you do not attend the module class, your temporary license will be revoked as one of the stipulations you receive your temporary license is you attend the class.