Friday, April 27 at 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
675 Main St, Lewiston, ME 04240-5802

 We're excited to have our first social event for the year. Please join us for a fun night of painting, sipping and CAs getting to socialize and get to know one another in a relaxed fun atmosphere.

$35 for evening. We will provide wine, snacks and light food. If you want to help with any food or drinks you are more than welcome.

Payment and signup needs to be done by Monday 4/23, You can paypal my account at
I have to send in full payment and numbers prior to the event

This is open to our current members of our association. If you have not sent in your yearly dues please do so before this event so you may be on the list. Please message me and let me know you are signing up and sending in your dues.

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I have a team event for ALS walk in August. Please help me make this a success by signing up with me. The link is also in the events. I am working on several other events to either participate in or be a vendor for throughout the state. If you have an event or fundraiser you want us to participate in please let me know so I can get a team together.
Don't forget we have designed awesome shirts to wear at these events. We want to participate as a team and look like one big amazing association!!! Go on the FACEBOOK page and you will find the link and put your order in before May 1 so we can get the best price. I need 20 of each shirt to keep the current price. LET'S DO THIS!!!
Kathy Dirago, President
Rachel Soucy, Vice President
Lisa Woods, Secretary
Caroline Christianson, Treasurer