What is a CA?


A CA is a Chiropractic Assistant. In the state of Maine we have the privilege to provide the training course to become  a Licensed Chiropractic Assistant.

What can a licensed CA do in your office?

A licensed CA can assist the doctor with areas of patient contact that the doctors would normally do themselves so it allows them to see more patients or offer patient services that they would not normally do if they were by themselves. This also allows the doctor to have the service reimbursed by the insurance company.   

Things a licensed CA can do that are reimbursable:

Assist with the physical examination. – the CA can do height, weight, blood pressure, ranges of motions ….so they can assist with the intake and do the basics with the physical exam which allows the doctor to come in and start from that point.

 Physical modalities – The CA can perform most of the therapies and the doctor can bill the insurance company for the service.  This allows the doctor to come in and adjust then to leave the patient with the CA to finish.

 Removing needles for acupuncture -  licensed CA’s may remove needles at the end of the session which would allow the doctor to go in and place needles then step out and allow the CA to monitor and remove the needles at the end of the session.

 Lasering points for acupuncture- a licensed CA can laser the treatment points that have been designated by the doctor.

 This allows the doctor to see more people as they can step out and allow their licensed CA to finish with the patient.

We are proud  to offer such an amazing program. There is no other course that is accepted by the State of Maine that would qualify the staff to hold a Chiropractic Assistant License.

If you want to expand your duties and knowledge in your office and offer your DC's more as their employee then be sure to sign up for our course. We are excited to have you and to help you and your doctor's practice grow.